Scott Empringham might just be the difference between struggling to make sales and growing your business beyond anything you’ve ever expected. Scott brings 20+ years of successfully marketing small brands, big brands, B2B, B2C and everything in between.

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He’s practically Muhammad Ali, specializing in the digital marketing side of the ring.

That, and he’s also the guy that sold $1 Billion worth of cars, trucks and SUVs on Facebook, generating over 1,000,000 leads for one car company (taking down their servers)...putting awards like "Best Use of Technology" and "Best Use of Facebook" under his prolific belt. Seriously, the guy tackles more before 5am than most do in an entire month.

If you’re lucky enough to be in his circle, you’d know all about his amazing history-- creating “influencers” before it was a thing, selling out events using digital marketing, generating millions of leads, even building a $10M digital marketing agency from scratch, losing it all--and building it all back up again. Scott lives and breathes marketing and is committed to sharing and serving those he works with.

There’s Scott as a business owner– the guy who immerses himself in your business, drives your marketing so you can focus on impacting your clients. But you also have Scott, the teacher and coach– who delivers proven “ever-green” marketing strategies that work in any environment, as well as specific tactics he’s used himself and with others so you can crush your own marketing. If you’ve ever seen him in his element, you know what we mean.

Scott’s team has worldly insight on marketing, sales, business growth, and mindset that is incomparable. Join our Facebook group for more real-honest-intentional marketing energy, straight from the source.

You should know by now that Scott isn’t your “overnight success kind-of guy.” He truly believes that when you put in the work, day in and day out, you will find your success.

So get up, get to work, and never, never, never give up!

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